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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day Purple Poppy peeps!!  Can you believe May is already here?  And May, of course, means Mother’s Day.  It’s a great holiday, isn’t it?  We all have some connections to moms…some of you are moms, some of you have moms, some of you don’t have moms but you have women who fill that space for you.  Mom…it’s such a special word.  We all have our own memories of our mothers or those that fill that role, right?  If you’re like most women of my generation, our moms did it all, didn’t they?  They cooked, cleaned, planned & attended social events, played some sport (tennis, golf or even just Jane Fonda aerobics!, made sure we were healthy, played taxi driver and a host of other duties.  I don’t know about you, but my mom also worked full time.  Gosh, I look back and can’t believe it…and she always had more energy to do fun stuff with us.

My mom and I are both getting older (sigh), and although we haven’t always seen eye to eye on some things, the thought of not having her around for the rest of my life saddens me.  So, I try harder every year to find a connection with her and make our relationship work better.  Throughout my lifetime, we have weathered so many storms, but we’ve also had some amazing times as well.  Years ago, when I first moved away from home, she and I would spend hours on the phone every Sunday morning.  I was living in Washington, DC and she was in South Louisiana…but we talked about everything that happened to us during the week.  We are both busier now…I have the store and a husband…she is helping to raise a 4 year old great-granddaughter.  Life just keeps moving on, but boy I sure miss those Sunday morning chats.  I miss alot of things about our old relationship.  We have grown apart in so many ways…but now I find myself thinking about how much time we both have left (insert teary eyes here!!).    So, to take me back to that place where we used to be…I find myself thinking about our relationship as mother and daughter so far, and would love to share a few short memories with you.

I have three very specific memories of my mother growing up:

1.  We didn’t go anywhere on Saturday mornings until after the house was cleaned.  My dad would head out for the golf course early on Saturday mornings, but my sister and I helped my mother clean house.  A full house cleaning – every single Saturday!  I hated those mornings as I got older (and became a cranky teenager).  Now I am so thankful that I had that time with my mom, and it made me a really good housekeeper!!!  To this day, I still prefer to clean my house in one single day…get it all done before I can go out and play!

2.  After the house was clean, we would visit all of our relatives.  Our family was big and we all lived fairly close to each other.  We visited my grandparents and my aunts and uncles, but we also spent time visiting with my great-aunts and uncles.  At the time they weren’t that old (probably in their 50s & 60s?) but we thought they were old and some of them didn’t even speak English – only French.    I have been to France numerous times and every time I visit, I kick myself that I didn’t pay attention to those relatives when they tried to speak French to us.   Tsk Tsk…if only I had known!    At the time, we just wanted to be with our friends.  I really wish I paid more attention to their stories!

3.  We didn’t have much money growing up but my mom loved to be outside.  When we weren’t cleaning house or out visiting relatives, we would bike all over town.  Our little town of Jennings had wide streets…so easy to bike on and we travelled over all of them!

As an adult, there are two very solid memories I need to recount:

About 15 years ago, I punctured a hole in my temple.  I was sitting on the floor playing with our beloved Bernese Mountain Dog, Harley.  In a moment of exuberation, I swung my head around and hit it smack dab on the sharp corner of my dining room table…hence, the punctured temple.  It was 5:30 in the morning and hubby was a mess, but managed to pull himself together and take me to the emergency room.  I will spare you the details, but the ER doc was doing what they do…cleaning it out, stitches, etc…and as I lay on that ER table, I started crying and all I could think was “I want my mom”.    It didn’t really hurt at that point, I was just so emotional I just needed her.

Fast forward to five years ago when hubby had a stroke…he’s fine now, everything is great…but I was sitting in the ER waiting for test results.  I wasn’t going to call anyone until I had some answers, but I was alone and needed to talk to someone so, of course, I called my mom.  Up until that point, I had been fine (really!)…had driven him to the hospital, he seemed okay…docs thought he was okay…but the minute I heard my mom’s voice I started crying.  It only lasted a minute but it was such a relief to hear her voice…and the first thing she said was “Do you want me to fly out?  I can leave right now”.   Truth be told, I didn’t need her to fly out…just hearing her voice and knowing that she would fly out made me feel so much better.

No one else in my life evokes that emotion in me.  I don’t even know how to describe the feeling…it’s just that overwhelming need for mom.   I hope you have someone in your life that provokes that same response because it means that you have someone that can make the pain go away just by hearing their voice.

Here’s a little homage to my sweet mom!!!!

Mothers Day 2014 Collage

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