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Happy Father’s Day

“Fatherhood is pretending the present you love most is soap-on-a-rope” Bill Cosby

I am pretty sure that the top three things on any Dad’s Father’s Day list are (1) to sleep in, (2) to spend the day with his family and/or (3) a back rub or shoulder massage.  That being said, we have some pretty fun stuff that will help make dad’s day a little more fun…and show him how much you really appreciate him!

My dad loved to grill out, my husband loves to grill out, and we have a neighbor that practically cooks everything outdoors.  Sunset Magazine’s The Great Outdoors Cookbook is perfect for them.  It’s organized around the places and ways dad cooks outdoors: the backyard grill, the picnic, the campsite, or the cabin….All in celebration of the life lived outdoors.   The Mediterranean Grilling Rub is a personal favorite of mine and the included plank makes cooking on the grill easy peasy!!!


Craft beers and whiskeys are all the rage right now and every man should have a great book on Whiskey.  Whisky, The Manual is a book about how to drink whiskey in all its forms.  Above all it’s about enjoying your whiskey in ways you never thought possible…?

Is your Dad a beer guy…not a whiskey guy?  Beer is the Answer…I Don’t Remember the Question is an incomparable collection of bar jokes, quotes and cartoons sure to make your dad the life of the next party!


Some dads have everything they want or need (including soap-on-a-rope)…so maybe that back rub is a good idea…it isn’t just mom that likes to be pampered.  Sometimes dads like to relax and unwind too…our Woodwick candles are a favorite among men, as well as women.   These soy candles feature an organic wood wick causing them to crackle as they burn…like a crackling campfire.  So maybe Dad can fire up the grill, pour himself a glass of whiskey (or beer)…light his favorite Woodwick candle and feel like he’s relaxing in the wilderness!


So maybe your dad doesn’t like to grill…would he prefer to be on the golf course?  biking?  fly fishing?  The Fifty Places series of books are filled with fabulous photos and while travelers of humble means will only be able to dream of visiting many of these exotic locales, the books serves as a moving inspiration for at least embarking on a handful of these excursions. The photography is jaw-droppingly beautiful and as with other books in the series, the author’s collaboration with experts in the field is a refreshing contrast to “traditional”  guides. These books are not meant as a tactical “how to”, but as a motivational resource to get your dreams in motion.


“My father used to play with my brother and me in the yard.  Mom would come out and say ‘You’re tearing up the grass’; ‘We’re not raising grass,’ Dad would reply. ‘We’re raising boys”.  Harmon Killebrew

Happy Father’s Day!!!

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